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Thursday, August 25, 2011


And today was Sports day.

Looking forward to it? Kinda... i mean the running... when did i last run? But that also means that my body is stiff as hell. Hahah

Anyway. Back home now. Get to be here for half an hour before im off again.... uurrgghh... tired.
  Sports day was pretty good.
Not so sure which classes were there, but it was from the ages of 7 - 14, we all got divided into groups. and there were some games we played. And then at 10.30 we had lunch - Early. Very. But i was hungry do i didnt mind.

Actually this morning, i decided, i wasnt going to eat my snack with my breakfast. So on the way to the school, i bought this like toffee bar thing, but it wasnt enough  calories, so i also bought this smoothie.
   And it went really well to eat, i ate as i walked and i didnt think anything about it.

You might not realise how big that is, but it is. Ive never been comfortable eating my snack out, on my own. I did it once, but it resulted in me having to go into a changing room, sitting down, eating... kinda a fail in a way!!
   So im really proud of myself!!!
Next step is to be able to eat my snack infront of other people.... thats gonna be hard!!! :?

Lunch anyway was a sandwich and Pepsi MAX. :) Maybe not enough.... but sure.. we had to pack our own lunches. And mum said it would be ok.
And then after lunch i played basketball.... My favourite sport!! I was on the school team in Ireland, one of hte bes (if i say so myself) in the team. But i did  have a problm.. i mean i went training 2-3 times a week and 2-3 matches per week... so maybe it might not ahev been the best idea.
   But it went fine.

Infact... i havent got any funny thoughts about exercise... which is good. But i still dont think im gonna tell my case manager about sports day today....

I played basketball for about 20 minutes... against 7-14 year olds.. and i scored 4 times!!! :) hehe

Finally after a few more games, i got to drag myself home... Relief!!
It feels good to have moved though, to feel my heart racing, the blood pumping!!
  Such a good feeling, but i am tired now... :)

I wish i had some photos to upload, but as i dont really anyone, and didnt do too much talking, or socialzing, theres no photos... haha :)


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