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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pride festival

And today was the Pride Parade.

For you who dont know what Pride festival is, its when all the gays,Bi's and i suppose homosexuals basically all come together and celebrate their sexuality. Its been going on all week, all these activites and parties, etc etc.
   I havent eben around to see or join in any of it... Not that i really want to. considering im not gay.(but whatever!! :) )
   But i decided that the Pride parade was a must see!!

It was pretty cool seeing... nothign specialll.... but still, it was somthing!! I suppose i'll upload photos when i get round to it!!

When it started to pour down with rain we decided to take cover, and when the rain had stopped the parade was over. So we made our way to a shop where i bought an ice-cream.... perfect snack for the pissing rain and cold weather??? hahah.. yeah!

We then walked down different streets adn entered lots of shops and before we knew it, it was 5 o clock. 4hrs 30 minutes in town... safe to say my legs were killing me!!! :)

Finally im home!! and now of course the suns out.... i guess its time to sit out on the balacony and try to get some sun?? hahah

1 more day at home, and then its one more week of Mando... Ugh.... :/ I much prefer being at home... but i suppose as i´l be a day patient, i´ll still be home for the evening??? :)'

Hope you have a good wekend!!


  1. Haha! Jag var också på pride idag. Vart var du någonstans? Attans att jag inte såg dig =)

  2. Hej :) I haven't commented in a while, things have been weird with me lately, but i'm so happy for you- things seem to be going so well! :)

    I'm not really sure what's going on with me at the moment. It's just been really weird, as I said before... but I think I've just kind of been having a freakout, because from today onward I don't have a spare moment (seriously, every single day is booked) until thanksgiving break. So I've just been really stressed about that, nervous that things won't go well. But i'm determined to do everything right this year, be super hard working and focused and all. Aaaahhhhhh... just so mad though that I don't have ANY spare time. no more freedom. :( Tomorrow I'm off to orchestra camp, which goes till Saturday I think. And I won't be able to read or comment, because even if I have internet access it will be on a friend's computer so I couldn't exactly come on :) And then Sunday I have a flute lesson, monday I start marching band camp. That goes till friday, then saturday is getting all my school things ready, sunday flute lesson, monday school starts. Which is crazy, I have no idea where this summer went, I was so busy. And then the whole first few months of school till thanksgiving break- marching band practices monday and wednesday after school from around 5 to 8 or 9- something like that. Football games where marching band plays on Friday which is basically the whole evening. Saturday is all day marching band, and Sunday I have flute lessons. The entire week I have to try to fit in my two hours of practicing every day, plus homework. So it is completely crazy, I have no idea how I'll do it. But I'll manage somehow- I hope :)

    Writing that out just made me realize how completely psycho that schedule is.. no wonder I've been freaking out so much this week haha. I kind of lost my motivation, I wasn't really practicing that much and I was just doing really weird random things and nothing actually productive. Plus I was super confused a lot of the time about what I really wanted to do, like in general, But now I'm kind of back on track, I'm back to being super motivated about flute and had an amazing lesson today, so I'm glad about that :)

    Sorry for that totally long weird comment.. hehe. I really hope things go well for you this week, I'm so happy about all the good things happening for you :) you deserve it :)

  3. Heheh.. i hope you dont me saying that that really is a psycho schedule!! haha...
    I can understand why you're freaking out.... :/
    Ive only had a few weeks before when i was jammed packed, but not more then like 2 weeks... and that was mainly got to do with training - i.e (Basketball, basketball match, training, football, etc etc)

    Sounds good that you'll be going to camp... i mean.. you kinda get away from everything.. or not really? i dunno :) heh

    Dont worry, its nice having somone comment, but i mean... trying to fit in reading my blog when you're that busy.... i understand. and i dont think i'll have too much to say anyway.... i mean my aim is to start school and all that, and that not so interesting to write about!!

    But hope thigns get better for you? and hopefully you get a bit of free time??? not good to be too stressed and busy!! :)

    Sounds good that you're motivated about the flute again...
    like before i kinda went off photgraphy... i dunno.. but now im totally into it and motivated again!! hehe (but im not using my computer so i cant load up any of the photos i take onto my other blog.... trying to get my computer fixed so i can start again!!)

    I'll keep checking your blog.. i supppose if i comment i'll leave 'izzi' - just so you know who i am!! :)