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Friday, August 26, 2011


things went well at Mando yesterday.
aside from the fact that i actually had lost a bit of weight. but apparently my weight has been going up and down the last two weeks.
She wasnt cross at me or anything. Which is a relief. she believe me that im doing everything right. which i am.
she just told me that as i don't use measures. i should like plate up/pour up what i think looks.right. and then add a little more. Just to make sure that things will look better next time.

but i also found put the.CRAP news that.
once im my deal goal weight. i still have to go up. i have to be reach my goal weight. the weight I'll be when im an adult to signs out by a doctor.
which absolutely sucks. because that means that there's another few.kills.o have to go up.
but i don't agree with that.

i refuse to go up those last kilos. im gonna stay at my deal goal weight.
i don't care. i mean. im a BMI of like 18/19 now. that's normal.
why do i have to go any higher?!

it really bugs me.

I dont really have to go back there next week, but as its this like meeting/ press conference thing on Tuesday, which im planning to go to, i get to speak a little about myself, about being sick and the treatment at Mando.
    So thats gonna be kinda cool.
Not so sure what to expect out of it...

I hope hough that next week things will be better with my wieght.


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