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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


And then im at Mando today. Need I say how much it sucks?
It doesnt bother me to sit or to eat. But just being here. The waiting for the next meal do you can go home. It's not like that at home.... Waiting.
And even though I'm alone much of them time. And I do like it that, suddenly sitting here at the day ward, it seems so quiet and I feel more lonely then ever.
And seeing the other patients leave while I still sit here, of course I'm not the only one here so I can't complain. And I mean, at the end of the day, I do get to go home, while an inpatient I didn't get to.

But of course, my weight has stayed the same.
My case manager told me today that i haven't fully gained my goal weight, so this week as ive stayed the same I'm not getting rid of the measurement cups.
Eating Wii base for dinner at home has gone well so I'm gonna keep doing that and next week Anf if they look good I won't need the Mando meter for lunch in school, but I would still use it for dinner.

I'm gonna be here all next week. but the worst thing Is that my case manager goes for her holidays for a week next week. And that's the week when we need to plan. With school, how often I come here etc etc. But I'm gonna get someone else, and she's gonna decide depending on my weight, how things go.

But it really is suckish timing.

For this little while I think I'm gonna avoid taking my dog for a walk. Just until im my goal weight, my case manager says then it won't matter, but as I'm still at home and I follow my meal plan, thn it has to be that I have gone swimming and That. Or I'll just have to begin taking an extra Energy drink if I do too much??

Because also when school starts and I'm my goal weight,my case manager wants me to go out with friends, and not think about my activity, but for this and next week I have to be careful,

And that's a small price to finally get away, get a bit of space, and to know that I've. Actually and finally gained the weight I should be.

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