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Friday, August 26, 2011

Just because i could.

Today.... you could call a disaster... but im not.
For lunch today, i got this really fishy fish and like dry, horrible rice. It wasnt nice at all.
  Half way through i gt the thought... i dont have to eat al of this. Theres not anyone whos going to tell me to finish the plate, no one whos going to comment or look at me strange.
   I dont think it was an anorectic thing.. but maybe it was?

Once i realized that i didnt have to finish it, i felt full... but i did already feel full, thats when i realized that it was ok to not finish the plate
  I dont know if that was a good thing or bad thing?

But  i dont think it was disastorous. I ate half of the plate.. :)

It wont be like that everyday... i know it wont be. Im not going to destroy this... but in the end... when im normal and healthy, then its ok to eat as much as i can handle. whether its 2 plates, or jsut a half plate...

heheh... i dont know... Im not losing control. You dont need to worry about me. Im not giving into anorexia.


  1. I'm glad things are going well! :)

    My day was really bad, but then after school I went out with my friends to get bubble tea (if you know what that is? it's also called pearl tea). THat was really fun. And then I came home, practiced flute which was actually really fun today. And then I went and got new shoes :) hehe. They're grey toms, pictures of them will be going up on tumblr soon :D So, today was just kind of in between.. pretty bad, but kinda fun at the same time :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey!!
    i saw your previous comment. how things weren't going so well.
    that really sucks. :(
    but i think you should talk to someone. all the stress abduction worry. it really isn't healthy.
    your heart can stop if your under you much pressure.
    i really suggest that you take things a bit slower. talk to someone.
    imagine if you end up in hospital and have to moss lots of school. in the end its not worth it. :/

    i take it the eating.isn't going so well.
    this may not sound but i suggest that you find low calorie foods which you like. so you can keep your energy up, but keep the angst away because its something you like and its low cal?
    like soup. cottage cheese. rice cakes. Activia .fruit..... stuff like that.
    i mean eating soup for lunch. not high calorie. but you get energy.
    and for breakfast you could try oatmeal or like bread with cottage cheese. something like that.
    in all honesty. it would be best to eat normal foods. but i understand that that might not be the easiest.
    but try eating at least the 3 main meals and then add snacks during the day.
    in time you should get eating and the angst should fade??? or i don't know. just a tip.???
    cus think - if you end up in hospital because you har no energy or something worse... you won't be able to play the flute. go for walks. Meet friends.... its better to eat a little then for something worse to happen.

    sorry... that's just me trying to help.?

    I've heard of bubble tea? is it any good?
    ohuh. i got new shoes yesterday aswell actually!!!
    converse - im planning to put a picture up. heheh! - im addicted to converse!:)

    How are things with your friends? have they said or.mentioned anything else about like anorexia or anything ?

    hope things get better.


  3. Sorry for.some of through spelling.mistakes.
    im using my phone and it likes to auto correct and put in different words... hope you can understand what i wrote though!!:)