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Monday, August 22, 2011

I cant deal with stress.

Ive realised how bad i am with stress.
I mean. I really cant handle it.
Stress. Panic. Nerves.
 I mean its natural.
Everyone gets stressed and scared, nervous.
But when i do.
Thats when all these thoughts come.
I mean, jsut as we were going to leave the house i started getting stressed and nervous.
And thats when i started to panic
and suddenly i hated what  i was wearing.
how i looked.
my hair.
my body.
Everything was wrong with me.
And it was jsut cus i got stressed,
but once i thought logically i realised.
There was nothing to stress about.
and then i was fine.

When the thoughts and all that come, thats when i really look at myself,
and i start critiszing myself.
Hating myself.
I'll jsut stare into the mirror,
notcing my dry hair, the fine blond hair thats on my hands or on my face (ffrom being ot skinny) the nails that are bitten.
I start critisizing, things that nobody else woud notice or pay any attention to.

Usch, but the thing is... you cant avoid stress. and i get so easily nervous and panicked....
And school wont help anything.... :/
Something i just got to learn to control.

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