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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I actually like my body.

I've accepted my body and im starting to like it. Yes, i can see flaws, im bigger then i want to be.
  But still... im geting used to it.  - Thats a start.

Today, i actually had s few people comment on how small i am... Ok, that i dont see. But i can see, that im not fat, not chubby either... normal.... not underweight or small, just normal.
   But it made me smile.. :) Because to me, i dont feel small, but if others think i am... they wouldnt just say that? and i mean.. these are people that dont know anything about my anorexia...

Some people even asked me what my weight was and for once, i could actually say , i dont care. I dont really know my weight and mean it... that i dont care. Im happy (well, of course i have mood swings.. angry at times, upset at times.. but the normal emotions) i have energy, im eating right, i have OK activity.... (im not full healthy... but i dont see what else there is?)
   So i just dont care about my weight.

I want to Quit Mando.... and just be like... i dont need you help. Because i can tell you, if they tel me that i need to go up in weight, i really will be dissappointed... but if im ok... than i mean, whatever?
For once... i dont care. I dont care about the number on my scale.

Im not using measurements anymore... and in alll honesty, ive forgotten what 2dl looks like... im just taking what i feel for, whether its more then the amount or less... my body should be settling itself...

No idea what to expect at Mando... i'' ll go there, and take what comes... and i suppose i'll write later...

Please wish me luck? But in all honesty.. i ve done what i should (no lies) so there shouldnt be anything to worry about.... but i always do.


  1. I'm so glad, you should like your body, you're beautiful :)

  2. I'm so happy for you, that's a really great step! (: I hope things go well for you at Mando.

    Things have not been going well for me at all, I've been way overstressed, crying pretty much every night and freaking out a lot. Tonight, I've been crying for pretty much the past two hours while doing my maths homework, we have so much- 75 problems! It's crazy. And I did a huge essay earlier today also, and I didn't have time to practice flute, I only played half an hour. But I have an audition on SUnday. aahhh. basically I have so much stuff to do, and absolutely no time to do it all. but at least i'm glad my dad is on vacation right now, i'm much more stressed out when he's home. it's just been mum and I, and she's been really supportive and everything, helping me a lot. But still, nothing can really help, it's just crazy. So I didn't finish my maths homework tonight, I ended up getting so tired and stressed out that it all just started running together and mixing around on the page. So I'm going to bed now and hopefully can get it done before class- it's my last class, so I can work during break and lunch which gives me an hour total, I hope I can do it. But I really think I'm going to go talk to a school councillor/psychologist type person. maybe get some of this stuff in my life sorted out, there might be a way out of the depression and anxiety and stress, something better? I don't know, I kind of doubt anything can help me, but I guess it's worth a try.

    Enough rambling depressive comment... (: Good luck, hope things go great!

  3. I hate you for being so pretty, but you are, I'm so glad that you see that now :)!!!!!!!!