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Friday, August 12, 2011

Home for the weekend!!

And now im home for the weekend!!!
   I know ive been home for the weekend before, so its nothing special, but now im a day patient. and this time, instead of the weekend ebing good because then i didnt have to eat, this time its gonna work... :) i have  no doubt about that!! And its a good feeling.

Today instead of staying at Mando till 3.30, i could leave after lunch and after the case manager im gona have next week as mine goes on holiday, :(
   But also i got weighed today and my weight is going up again, which is good!! Soon i'll finally be my goalweight, and if this weekend goes well, my weight has gone up then i should get rid of the measurement cups... but  idont know if that will wait till my case manger gets back or not.
   But then on the 22nd, i start school!! :) Yay.... not so sure how often i'll come to Mando but i'll know that when my case manager gets back.

For this weekend my case manager has told me to take a quiet weekend, not do too much... But i mean... im good at doing nothing at all now... and thats all i do during hte week so im not plannig to sit still all weekend.
   And in all honesty... i mean... im not underweight anymore.. im basically my normal weight so i dont see why everyone is still telling me to do nothing at all?
   Thats all ive done, and ive showed and everyone that i can relax jsut as well as i can get up and start running!!

I'll see what i get up too!!

But it really does bug me when my case manager tells me to keep things relaxed... aaagghhh thats all i do... :/


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  1. Har du nått din normalvikt nu? Eller har du långt kvar tills du är där? :) Kram och kämpa på!