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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fashion show

Me and mum happend to stumble by a fashion show today... haha... :)
   It was close to where we lived. so we decided to stay and watch. It was this extra little show, with Cheap Monday clothes (One of my favourite shops!!)
   We didnt have access to get into the seating area, but as it was an outside show, we could watch from outside the gates!!
I thought the fashion show was really good, one of my first to see!!
   But now i realise it wasnt such a good idea... as now im feeling pretty shit.

As ive always said... i want to be a model. But loooking at the models on the runway. The were tiny. Some even looked pretty sick if you ask me... but now its made me see, id never get into modelling. I mean.... and when i think about it... Do i even want to? I think it would be something fun.. i enjoy taking photos, and i like when people take photos of me... but thats not what Modellings about...  
  its basically showing off your body and trying to sell clothes...

and i mean... i dont think ill ever like my body... and i think if i start modelling i'll jst end up sick again... so i think i have to face the fact, that i'll ner be a model, im too big for it. 
   but maybe its for the best.

At the moment i feel all messed up after seeing the fashion show.... starting to really hate my body and dreading going to Mando tomorrow. I never want to go back... hate it. hate it. Hate it.

But the good thing is... even though im not feeling the best at the moment and having all these doubts... it didnt stop me from eating what i should and all that... so thats a good thing.... :)


  1. sv: Ja, visst är foto härligt!
    Vad fotar du med för kamera? :)

    Tack för komplimangen om designen. Blev jätteglad!

  2. Sv: Jadå, det klart du får! :) Det är bara att fråga om lösenordet så får du det, om jag bestämmer mig för att ha lösenord. Men har inte bestämt mig ännu.