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Saturday, August 27, 2011


I LOVE new shoes

I LOVE converse.



Hehehe... Ilove converse... and im so happy that my new ones have arrived!!
I bought them from schuh, i used to buy all my converse there, so was dissappointed when i couldnt buy my funky converse anywhere, but i saw that they shipped they're shoes.
 and i decided it was time for a new pair of converse!!
Im not one of those people that settles for just one colour...
I've never had jsut one colour converse,
they've always had some type of pattern or design :)

But dont think im some type of Bran girl, i really amnt.
I mean, i wear jsut normal clothes, no brands,
but converse is just the one brand i have to have.
I mean, i'll never buy fake converse.
Its the real deal or none... haha

Of course, i wouldnt say no to Gucci dress!! haha

I had a pair of blue sparkly converse before!!
And many others.. but no pictures!!

1 comment:

  1. my converses are dead but i'm too indecisive to actually decide on a pair.
    love schuh! :D

    nice conversesssss! x