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Saturday, July 30, 2011

You're words make me smile!

After ALOT of confusion this morning and me persisting that i go home.
  Im allowed homee!

Basically it was that this one staff told me that i wasnt allowed home for te wekend, as my case manager hadnt wrote anything in my file.
  But that just seemed wrong, why should i stay here if hings work at home, and aslong as my wiehgt is ok, aswell.
  She kept telling me that id be here, i wasnt allowed home, but it felt wrong so i kept persisting and inn the end i asked another staff if she wuld let me go home.

The two staff sat me down and told me that my weight was good, (which is really good!! I was nervous!) and that i was mving forward and that they didnt see any reason why i should be here.
   The the other staff checked my file and she saw that my case manager had actually wrote that aslong as my weight was OK,then i could go home!


I dont know what i would have done if i was here all weekend?
  And im glad i didnt give up, if i had just said ok, i'll be here, then i wouldnt have gotten to go home :)

Hoping things go well at Home,and hopefully next week i become a day patient then? :)

Hope eveyrone has a good weekend :):):)

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  1. sv: Ja, det är frihet! Förstår inte hur jag kunde klara av att vara på mando så länge. Nu när jag upptäckt världen utanför så vill jag aldrig tillbaka till kliniken. Allt är så deppigt och långsamt där. Hoppas verkligen att du får bli dagpatient nästa vecka. Om det du skriver på bloggen är sant (vilket jag tror att det är) så ser i alla fall jag ingen anledning till varför du inte skulle få börja på dagvården. Du är verkligen en riktig kämpe! Och så fin nu :)

    Jag har det bra i Örebro, men åker hem ikväll. Ska bli lite skönt faktiskt. Borta bra, men hemma bäst.
    Hoppas att du också har det bra! Det låter som det på det jag läser :D

    Ta hand om dig!