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Monday, July 18, 2011

whaat i want to do

Just a list of things i want to do

  • Wake at 2 in the morning, to get ready to go to the airport, to go on holiday.
  • Go into a flower shop and pick 1 petal from each different flower
  • Go skiing and eat warm cheese sandwiches and drink hot chocolate with whiped cream and marshamllows
  • Eat cake for breakfast
  • Spend a whole day pampering myself, wearing brand new clothes and going somewhere or doing something really nice/fancy.
  • Dancing all night long - in HIGH heels
  • Try on the most god damn awful clothes in shops with friends.
  • Make a piture out of M&MS (like the advert)
  • Jump into a blue lagoon 
  • Sit by a campfire with friends, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories
  • Go to a party and drink alcohol
  • have a 3 day long sleep over with friends
  • Play strip poker with friends :P
  • Walk by the water with the persn i love at the sunset
  • Run in frsh mowed green grass
  • Make daisy chains
  • Lie on a float in the middle of a pool when its 30 degrees or more
  • Laugh
  • Go horse riding
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Play Hie & Seek with a whoel bunch of people at Ikea
  • Do some of these things - How to annoy people in an elevator <--- go to the link
  • Crack an egg over someones head
  • Have a food fight (As in throwing food at people... ive had too many literal fights.)

Thats just somethings i came up with when i began thinking about what i really want to do :)
   Theres so much more... but i could go on forever


  1. Åh, hör av dig om ni ska leka kurragömma på IKEA någon gång. Jag är på! Haha :D

  2. Haha, all that looks like so much fun! My friends and I have talked about doing that at IKEA.. I was just thinking, it would be a great birthday party, to reserve the whole store just for you and your friends so there aren't other people there... :D it would be great. So many of the things on that list are things I have on my lists as well :) actually, pretty much all of it! whoa :D haha.

    So, today I actually had a REALLY good day! Which is so completely different from the ordinary, it totally surprised me haha! This morning I woke up but then accidentally fell back asleep (as usual because i read before sleeping, but accidentally end up staying up till 2 or something because my book is so good :D). So I got up kinda late.. :) And then just lazed around the house for a time, and I actually had something to eat, which NEVER happens when I'm home alone! (which I am all day monday through friday since both my parents work). And I was actually at least a little bit proud of myself for that today :) I took a lot of pictures, I was looking through my closet and found a REALLY pretty dress that I wore to a dance last year, and tried it on, ended up taking pictures for about an hour :D That was so much fun, and the dress is so so so so pretty! Doing that also helped me not freak out about the eating, because i was doing something that made me feel pretty and I love to do :) And I got a TON of great pictures. So that was lots of fun. Then I practiced flute, and was having one of those days when I sounded really good! Then my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to hang out and go on a bike ride, which sounded like a lot of fun, so we met and rode around the park (we have a huge park with lots of trails and such by us) and some neighborhoods. After riding for about an hour, we went to the main area of the park where there is a big grass field. And we saw a sprinkler that was going on the other side of it, we thought it a little strange that only one was going off :D haha but it was a hot day so we rode over there to run through it :D We ended up playing in it for about an hour! It was the most fun I remember having in a REALLY really long time. And we took LOTS of pictures, and tons were good :D -i always take my camera EVERYWHERE with me, even if i'm just taking a walk to the library or something. :) Then we biked back to her house and looked at all our pictures, and she looked at my pictures I had taken earlier that day in my dress and really liked them, saying i looked like a model or something :D which was really exciting, because I've never let ANYONE look at my pictures of myself :) I've always thought modeling would be really fun, like not on a runway I would be TERRIBLE at that, but photo modeling would be fun. but just a thought, i would most likeely never do that :) so then I went home and did my second hour of practice, had dinner, and sat around with my mum, and later in the night looked at interviews of harry potter actors online.. :) I don't know if I mentioned this before, but i saw the movie on Friday, aaahhhhh it was so good!!!!!!!! I loved it. :) but i'm really sad it's over..... :'( haha. mum and I loved it so much we might go see it again on Wednesday :D

    So that was my [surprise] really good day!! Which I needed SO much after all that's been happening. I'm thinking of getting a tumblr, so I can post pictures and such (but none of that annoying reposted stuff or anything, i don't like that, but I like the look of tumblr and i found a really amazing theme!!), but I'm not really sure about it, i'll think it through and knowing me might even have one by the end of the day tomorrow :) if I end up getting one, i'll give you the link :) hope things are well!