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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Too much walking

This morning was hard. Angst thoughts.
But I did what I had to and soon I was on the train home.

Things went fine when I got home. Was in a good mood. Aswell as mum and my sister. Making it a happy mood and good place to be (:

We ate lunch together and sat and chatted.
Then I went off to be in my room. Carry on watching vampire diaries, the series I'm following now :)

Then me and mum headed out to town.
We went into some small shops, and then we got to the harbor where all the boats were docked, abd there we saw that this one boat, a boat from the film pirates if the carribbean was docked there.
And people could go on it.

It wasn't the black Pearl. But Johnny depp had been on the boat :)
Nothing seriously interesting about it, but still. It was cool :)

Then me and mum sat by the dock and drank coffee and ate cinnamon buns :)

We then walked back to the car.
My legs were killing me. 2 hours up and about. I could have collapsed right there and then.
Hate feeling this way. Lazy abd tired.
It triggers something in me. When I feel tired, it makes me push myself even more. Which is a bad thing.

And then ofcourse we went good shopping abd I got the huge angst attack and things started to go wrong.

I almost knew something like that would happen.
But I just have to carry on.

Apart from the angst. Things have gone well. I got home and we. Were all happy. But then we got tired and things turned.

Im trying to stay happy. Really hoping that mum doesn't think too much about today.
Things have gone well before that. There's been no argument over food. And in the end, I did eat.

But I'm still starting to doubt whether I even want to be home?


Enough is enough.

Stop with the droopy, depressing posts...?

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  1. AAAAHHHHHHH..... I just wrote a comment.. and my internet went funny on me.. and it's lost now. AGH. SUPER irritated now. Oh well... It was short anyway.. Basically what it said:

    Hi- I wish I'd been able to comment more lately, but i just haven't really had it in me. Things have been really not good with me at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to write more tomorrow and let you know more of what's going on with me.

    Going to San Francisco (big city here in America.. maybe you've heard of it? haha) tomorrow with some really good friends I've known since we were young, our families are really close, and I don't get to see them much anymore since we're in different groups at school. So that should be fun. But it means I have to get up REALLY early to get my two hours of flute practice in beforehand.. so seeing as it's 12:15 AM right now, I really should be getting to bed.

    Hope things are well. :) Don't give up, you've come WAY too far to throw out all the progress you've made! You'll have your life back soon. (Does that sound weird?? hopefully you know what i mean? haha) :)