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Thursday, July 14, 2011

To say that things went brilliantly, would be lie.

I cant lie and say what an mazing time i had. or say that things went brilliantly. Because they didnt.

It wasnt the food. Following my meal plan went well, i ae everything i should. no fuss. no arguing.

But it was other things.
  My mum and sister wer both stressed, they're got their own worries. And that tension and stress got passed onto me, making everything annoying. making me angry.
   And if just my mum looked at me someway, a look meaning othing at all, but i interpreted it wrong, would make me burst into arguing.
   I didnt mean it.

It was mainly silly things.

  • i wanted to know what it would be for lunch
  • Mum got cross at me became while i was waiting for the bread to toast i didnt sit
  • Mum would look at me some way
I dont know, in all honesty, it was nothign serious and it seems silly now. 
   But at the times, i got very cross making me miserable and jsut wanting to come back to Mando. :/

Home is good, but in a way, im also starting to dread it. Im getting comfortable here in the hotel, and starting a routineoutine that works, and then i go home and have to try to find  routine that works,    
   I dont know. its not god that now im starting to not want to go home....?

Finally sometime round 2.30pm we left the house, me,mum and my dog and we went to the king and queens house.... and we walked around there, having a small picnic as it was also time for my snack.

And then on the way to Mando we got stuck in traffic, for an hour. Not fun.

I dont know what to write about today. its just been OK. 
  Ive follwoed my meal plan, but i dont know if thats enough...? 

Nothing special tomorrow... and dont know about the weekend???

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  1. ah it's reassuring to know i'm not the only one who needs a routine :')