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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review- Harry Potter 7 part 2

Hello!!! :)

As you all know. I went to the cinema today!! :) HP 7. I've grown up watching Harry Potter, so it feels weird that it's all over now :/

As I've read all the booke and seen all the previous films. I had high expectations for the film!! :)
But I'm glad to say that it didn't fail :)

I saw it in 3D - but in all honesty. In my opinion. 3D wasnt necessary.

The filming and put together was really well done, and all the features were really good too!!

The 2hrs 10 passed quickly, and I can say that I would gladly see it again.
It was a perfect ending :)
Very well made!!

I rate it 5/5!!

If you haven't read th books or seen the previous films, Then I don't think you should bother seeing the film. It would be hard to understand.
But otherwise I recommend the film :)


  1. How have you already seen it?! It isn't out here until Friday :(

  2. Haha!!
    Well the priemere Gala was on Monday but the priemere for the public was yesterday!!
    Are you going to go see the film? :)