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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Im starting to feel lazy :)

Good day! Good day!:)

After lunch today i headed out to town where i met my friend :)
   first of all when i got to the tube station i went out the wrong way (long story. but no need to get into it.) So i had to take a detour way to get to where i would meet my friend. Extra walking.
   Then while i waited for my friend to come i had ALOT of old men staring at me, and i even noticed some people looking at my legs. - had no idea why.
   i soon realised that you could see the faint lines of my scars on my legs.... Hmm... i havent felt self conscience about my scars in AGES. but now i kinda do.
   Glad ive stopped self harming - touch wood.

When my friend came we first looked in shops, me even buying a bikini (:O) and a necklace which im very glad over :)

When it came to my snack,i knew that i should get smething, but my friend wanted to keep shopping, and then she said that she didnt have any money left.
   that left me in a kinda of weird position, but in the end i jsut went and bought an ice cream. 2 scoops. 1 diam and 1 rainbow (vanilla ice cream, pear ice cream and strawberry sauce in one scoop.) an sat and ate that while my friend continued to look in shops.
   My friend knows about my anorexia, and she knows about Mando, but as its been so long since ive last meet her, she most probably forgot that im sill in HDV, and aswell, shes not familiar with my eating times or patterns.
   Then we continued to browse in shops, but it wasnt long until we were both tired and had looked in most of the shops, so we said our good byes and left.

It was good to meet my friend, and get out to town, do a bit of shopping and walking. But i got tired quite easily, and now im feeling lazy, still feeling it in my legs :) haha
Im proud of myself that i could jsut eat the ice cream, just do what i had to do, even though it was kinda weird that she didnt eat something aswell, but sure - what can i do?


Yup - we tried on thoose jumpsuits. 
Very ugly. But we got a good laugh out of it: :D:D

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