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Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Hello :)
Im happy to say that I've had a really good time (:

After my morning snack I took the train to town where I met with my sister to take this little boat over to the theme park (:
The sun was shining making it a perfect day to be out and running about!!

We walked around going on alll the different rides. Pop express, rollercoasters, tge Loce ride, catapulten etc etc!!

For lunch We got a bit flustered. We could only find a fish and chips bar or these burger places. I wanted neither.
I knew that there was small cafes and even a Thai bar somewhere, but we didn't know where.
In the end I didn't feel ready to try burger and chips, but I knew I should have challenged myself.
But instead I took a waffle with jam. I skipped on the cream. Maybe it wasn't enough... But still. It's not every day I'd eat a waffle.

We then carried on going on the rides and then it was time for my snack.
Wasbnt so sure Wgat to take.
But I decided on Ice cream.
But while I was standing in queue I suddenly felt sick and didn't think I could manage to eat an ice cream. None the less buy one.
I was nervous and getting a panic attack.

As I looked around, all I saw was these Fat people eating ice cream. No one thin. I felt sick.
I didn't want yo eat. I stood there biting my nails to the core.
But then it was my turn to order.

A cone with 1 scoop Diam and one scoop Champagne truffle

In the end it went fine to eat. But I did somehow manage to drop my ice cream onto myself? Hmmm... But the ice cream was saved...

Soon me and my sister were both tired and hasd headaches from the sun. But hopefully I've gotten some colour?
And then we returned home to where my mum had cooked a lovely fish gratang with rice.
I do admit I felt sick though.

And that was my day!! A very good day! (:

And then I won't be back till Mando tills Friday and then if things have gone well back home again for the weekend :)
So hoping for the best?

Wish me luck?

** pictures from today will be loaded up on Friday :) for all you non- swedes :)


  1. Yay!!! I'm so happy that everything went well! :D Things are progressing so well, and it's so great you get to be a day patient soon :D I totally know that feeling of having to order something, and there are bigger people all around you, happens to me SO often here in america... haha. Stereotypes of us are true a lot of the time :) So that makes it really hard a lot of the time, just like- i don't want to end up like THAT. But it's good that you didn't have many problems today, sounds like it was really fun! :)

    Today I had to get up early and practice flute for an hour before driving out to an extra lesson before my camp next week, after which I came back home and had a rehearsal with a piano accompanist. So I didn't get home till 4:30. Before we left, we went to breakfast and I got this really good almond poppyseed bread, and then when we got to my flute teacher's house we were 45 minutes early so we went to this bakery, and got some really really good bread, which we had for lunch in the car on the way back. So.. lots of bread today, and I didn't have too much anxiety actually. Then when we were home, I walked out into town and got thai food for my mum and I- Pad Thai with chicken :) But before I went into town, we were talking with my dad, and at one point in the conversation he basically implied I had fat legs. Like, he was saying that I look much older and all, my legs are a lot bigger now compared to the twigs they apparently were when I was younger. and he meant it as a compliment. Which makes it kind of worse, because then I know it's true if he was complimenting me on it. I mean, basic parenting rule: don't tell your teenage daughter that she has fat legs. Especially when she's anorexic. I mean, he has no idea about any of the ED stuff with me, but still.. you just don't say something like that to your teenage daughter. But his saying that just confirmed my thoughts- it's not just in my head, I actually am fat. So I had these voices just swimming around in my head, and still do, I felt while I was walking into town that the world was just closing in on me or something. One of the worst feelings. :/ And especially right when I've actually begun to eat slightly more the past few days. Just right back down now.

    I just got in an hour ago from seeing Harry Potter a second time :) It's so good!!!!!!! But seeing as it's now 12:30 AM, I'm really quite tired.. (which is odd because i've been going to sleep more around 2 lately, i can't get to sleep because I think too much at night haha, or read in bed with a flashlight..) So I hope tomorrow goes well, good luck on the rest of your long permission :)

    Oh and by the way, answering your question- yeah, I took all the pictures myself :) I love photography so much, and I actually am the model in most of mine as well.. i'm just kind of nervous to actually put those pictures up :) haha. But i'm sure there will be many more pictures of me on tumblr in the future :) (infact, i'll probably post them tomorrow... :D)

  2. You've gotten me inspired by your photo blog/Tumblr and I'm gonna set up my own photo blog (:

    I hope you don't mind. think I'm copying you or anything?? Hehe

    I'll post the link up when I get it started (:

  3. Hehe, that would be really cool, I don't mind at all :) I'll follow you (if I can figure out how :D)