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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fully booked

This week im fully booked. I hope.

Im allowed to do alot more, which is good. but it also depends on how its gone this weekend... :/ Weight and activity wise.
  I knwo or sure that my activity monitor results will be AWFUL. and will put me back a few more weeks here. :/
  And dont know about my weight, but i wonder if i have lost wieght? dont know...

But im hoping that everyday this week im out adn doing something..

Monday - meeting my aunt, going shopping and going for sushi
Tuesday - Meeting a friend, looking in shops, and going for a coffee
Wednesday - Hopefully going to see Harry Potter (anyone else as excited as i am?? heheh)
Thursday - Friday - 24 Hours

and then i dont know how the weekend will be.... but im hoping for something like that next week :) :)

Have a good week everyone :)

Good night



  1. omg i'm soooo excited for harry potter? in the u.s. it doesn't come out until friday! does it come out on wednesday over there? i'm jealous!

  2. Yupp/... comes on Wednesday :) Cant wait. jsut hope that we get tickets for he premiere :)

    Sad that there wont be any more films though, ive like grown up, watching the films and reading the books :) hehe

  3. Ooh!!!! I'm so excited for Harry Potter too! I grew up reading and watching it too :) haha. I actually watched the 5th movie just now before bedtime.. :D I've been watching all of them the past few days. And also by the way.. I love pretty little liars as well :) you mentioned it a little while back... I watch it every week :)

    That sounds like a really fun week! Sushi is always yummy :) And shopping is so much fun. I've done so much shopping lately haha. I love trying on clothes so much and taking pictures of everything. Especially going into like fancy stores and such.. :D

    Yeah, I want to do flute professionally. I've known that since I was.. hmm.. about 10 or 11 that that's what I wanted to do with my life. And I've since been working hard at it to get good :) It's the silver flute, the kind that goes out to the side :) Not many people really play wooden flutes anymore.. at least not that I know of! haha. Yeah, so all my flute work has skyrocketed the past year with my new teacher, I'm now driving an hour away each direction for my lessons and she's a super intense teacher, one of the best I could have. And sometimes it gets to be a little much, I have times when I doubt if I want to do it anymore because there is so much work and pressure and stress, sometimes I feel like I'm just never good enough and there's always just more little things to keep working on constantly. Like it's just SO much weighing down on me. And it doesn't help that my mum pushes me a TON (well.. it does help make me practice when she is constantly nagging haha) like sometimes I wake up and the second thing she says after good morning is you woke up later than you should have, get up fast so you can go practice flute. But when I'm having tough times handling it all, I usually get out of these phases and then work harder than ever again. So right now I have required practice of 2 hours a day, usually ends up to be more than that actually. I do some competitions and things like that too, and have some performances throughout the year, and occasionally I do a couple lessons for some of the younger flute players I know :) So.. that's probably all you could ever want to know about my flute playing! And if there's anything else you're wondering, feel free to ask me about it :)

    In the 1 year pictures, you look SO much nicer in the 2011 picture in my opinion :) Like, that is kinda weird coming from me? but I really think you do look better in that one :) And not just better in a "you look healthy" type way, but you look a lot prettier and happier and all in that one.

    And about feeling like you have no one to talk to really, I totally get that, its the same with me. I used to have that friend that I could talk to, but then that incident happened when she turned on me behind my back, and now I hate her.. and she has ruined my ability to actually trust anybody, I have two friends that I can talk to about some things like my depression and things like that, but nobody I can talk to about the eating problems, she's the only one (besides you :] ) that has ever known about it. I really wish I could have someone to talk to about it.. but after what happened with her I just don't trust anyone anymore.

    So tomorrow I'm off to a camping trip, leaving at 9 AM (and practicing flute before we leave of course, so I have to get up EARLY.. :/) and then coming back sometime Tuesday night. So hoping you have a good Monday and Tuesday, I'll see how everything went in a couple days :) Good luck :D