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Monday, July 11, 2011

Doing things MY way!!

Hello :)
Start of a new week.
God, how the time passes. nearly middle of July? Weird, huh? :)

My plans for today were to meet my aunt and go get a coffe and cake, look in shops and then go for sushi.
But she called and said she couldn't meet until a bit later, after my snack.

But that wasn't gonna stop me from leaving Mando earlire anyway.
I would still eat my snack but I decided to challenge myself.

See if I could eat my snack on my own. I could hardly ever do that. If I was in town I would just skip my snack.

In all honesty. The staff at Mando would have a heart attack if they found out that I had eaten on my own. But they don't need to know everything.
This was a chance for me to prove to myself.

I sat nervously on the train. Suddenly I wished that I had just stayed at mando for my snack. What if I couldn't manage to eat?

I knew I wouldn't be able to get a pastry on my Own. Bit I had my alternative of natural sweets.
Once I had bought the sweets I didn't know where to go. I was to self conscience to sit on my own in town with all these people everywhere and eat.
I didn't know what to do.

I resorted to going into a shop and sitting in the changing rooms.
Loner? definitely. Bit I was too self conscience to eat where others saw me. If I had been with a friend I would have been ok, but as I was on
My own I thought it was weird

In the end i got the food ine. And that's what counts. And it didn't feel weird to ear, which is a good thing. I just have to train to eat on my own in a crowd?
But I think next time I'll buy a smoothie or something. It's easier :)

Then I met my aunt where we looked in some Shops. Where my aunt bought me 2 dresses :) hihi!!
But it didn't take long until we didn't know what to do. And it was only 4.30.
In the end we ate at 5pm (1 hour earlier) and then instead of going back to Mando. (as it would have been around 6pm. When everyone else would be rating their dinner. Would they really believe me that I had eaten?)
I don't think I was allowed home. But so what? I got about 2,5 hours. much netter then being at Mando!! :)
In general today's been a really good day!! And I've just done things my way!! but things worked out - so what's the problem? Hihi

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  1. Fatta att du fixade det du borde ha en medalj eller något :) Klämm till den jävla anorexin en gång för all nu du är värd ett liv!