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Monday, May 30, 2011


No more wheelchair :)

I can walk... i can use my legs when im out :)
-For now anyway... if i start losing weight then i hav to use a wheelchair again :)

And i get some time out.
On friday, saturday and on Monday... :)
So its something. 

Havent planned what ill do yet... not sure what im allowed.

but atleast im allowed :)

oHHH.... and the bad thoughts are pretty much gone ;)
Things are looking up again 


  1. YAY! So happy for you - you deserve this :)

  2. Yayy! That's all so great, im so so so happy for you!!! No more wheelchair must be really nice!- just make sure you don't do too much activity so they don't put you back in :) But I know you can do it. And more time out on top of it all! Plus no more bad thoughts :) I knew you could make it through :) Looking forward to hearing how things go with your new freedom :) Plus your meeting tomorrow!

    My day has been extremely average. We were off school because it was a national holiday. My mum and I were really bored and didn't feel like doing our work (I had projects for school and she had stuff to do for her job), so.. we decided to move furniture around our house! :D It's kind of our thing. If we're having a really boring day or something, rearrange furniture! It happens about once a year or two. So we totally redid our family room, it took about 4 hours and many failed arrangements until we were finally happy with how it looked. And now it looks really amazing :) So that was quite fun. And we never tell my dad when we do this, so he was totally surprised and freaked out when he got home haha :D Then the three of us went out to dinner. Which was really not good, we went to this place with super high-cal food that comes in huge portions. I was kinda freaking out the whole time. But its over now, the anxiety has finished by now. And I kind of managed to not eat anything the rest of the day.. i don't know how that happened. Mum usually notices things like that. I guess she didn't since we were so busy with the cleaning and rearranging. So that's good and bad :/ So now I'm just finishing up an outline of an essay due wednesday, then i'm gonna get some sleep. School tomorrow.. bleh. We get results for band seating auditions for next year, really freaking out about it. Like, I really need to get first chair.. like I'm supposed to be that good by now. People say it's okay if I don't, there are some really good flautitsts like who have been playing longer than me and stuff, but really I know that I need to get first chair. So i'll see how that goes. Also going to talk to my counsellor tomorrow about dropping my jazz class next year and adding French to my schedule! Really excited about that. Because then I would have two languages, French and Japanese! Hopefully it will work out :)

    That was a lot longer than I planned it on being :) Tends to happen with me quite a lot... haha. I really hope tomorrow goes well, I'll be wondering how your meeting goes! Can't wait to get home and read all about it after school :) Good luck!

  3. Great! Good job! Negative thoughts come and go, the thing is to be strong and fight against them. Now that you don't need a weelchair everything will brighten up a bit! The summer is here and you're almost done from HDV, soon you'll join us on the other side!
    Love, A <3