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Friday, May 13, 2011

Yesterdays visitor:)

Yesterday i got a vissitor :D
A visit from ym sister.

Its been two weeks since i last saw her.
So it was nice that she came:) we talked, we laughed, we messed about.
Had a really good time :)
Missed that. cus while im at home. we jstu argued. 
she had made it plainly clear, she didtn want anything to do with me.
But im gonna make thigns work.
Im gonna patch things up with her.
We always had a really good relationship, and i miss that.
I do miss my sister, even though ,somedays i hate her and wish she was dead.
But sure, thats sisters right?
I felt kinda awful though afterwards, cus i had spent most of the time standing, cus im too pathetic to actually sit and be normal. all i can think abotu is activity and exercise.
How can my sister stand me? 

I hate myself for being so stupid,  i wish i could jsut sit.

It was nice talking to my sister. i explained to her about somethings.
Like how i was sorry things went so badly.
And how things were going well now.
Im getting better.

And ive arranged a  Ben and jerrys date with her:)

First chance i get

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