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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things are getting better


I suppose everyone's heard, the new pirates of the Caribbean 4 film is out - tomorrow in fact. I don't have very high expectations, but as it has Johnny Depp in it, ( he's my favourtist:) haha) I want to go see it. And in the cinema too.

I haven't been to the cinema in months - last November. Gosh.

At the moment I'm not a fan of the cinema. I find it hard to sit and watch a film and find it even harder to sit in a cinema for 2 hours. But this will be good training for me.

So I asked. I didnt have any hopes or expectations. but I had many Cons for why I should be allowed to go

•I'm sitting
• I'm eating
• I've been here 3 weeks (tomorrow)
• I'm improving
• I'm happier
• I'm following the rules
• I've gone up in weight

^^ something like that

And then I waited and waited and waited. And finally got a reply - I can go:)

We've just got yo book the tickets :) I'm serioudly happy :) my case manager wants my sister to follow with us (me and mum) and of course, she wants yo talk to mum before we go.expected. But still nervous about what she has to say.
Also, it's ok if I were to eat a snack out, while at the cinema:)

I wasn't expecting this. But it means that things are moving forwards :)

The only thing is - now that I think about it. The less I want to go. I mean. It's sitting. And more sitting. And more.
And what about eating popcorn? Do I want to do that?
Like, I'm feeling less reluctant.

But I suppose. If I can manage it. Then it would be my first time put. cleared and well done.

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  1. Oh! That's so much fun! And you can do it. Easy. You've done harder things than sitting for a couple of hours in a row and eating 5 pop corns! You rule!! I'm proud of you!
    Love, A. <3