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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Theres always tears at the end of the day.

Let me see.... :)

Well good evening everyone... :)

Today has gone pretty well, Allowed too to the cinema.... generally happy :)

But that mood has gone. now im just upset.

Been upset since like 1pm today... no reason why. just am.

Its like this grey cloud above my head...

Dinner today... well it wasnt one of my favourites.

Roast potatoes, cocktail sausages and scrambled eggs. First off, i think im intolerant to eggs, they actually took a test to see (but i think it will come back negative. cus i dont think im allergic, but i think im intollerant.) so couldnt eat the scramled eggs. and then ofcourse... i hate sausages. always have. i even hate the Quorn sausages. Ive never liked them, and i've told them.
eggs and sausages. - Great, both are in the one meal.

I told them about the sausages this time... but they said i had to eat it, just not the eggs.
So dinner was kinda blah.blah.blah. And no matter how well i am, i dont think ill ever willingly eat roast potatoes again.
ive eaten them way too much here at Mando.

French fries... thats something i'll eat again one day:)

And now after dinner and my rest... im feeling even more sad. no visiotrs. and the staff are awful.awful.awful. im dreading tonight... let me just say once again how much i hate the night staff. i just want to be able to make myself ready for bed, without being watched. without having somone sneak up on me.
have more then 15 minutes in the bathrom. i want a mirror. to spend time on myself.

Just after talking to mum, trying to sort out the cinema. what i want is to go on Friday evening and to be allowed to sleep at home... but not so sure how well that will go down.
so for now, we're jsut gonna leave it until tomorrow where we can talk to my case manager and sort out together what im allowed and not allowed.

Sometimes i think its good to cry. i feel i keep everything to myself.

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  1. hi, iam sorry that i dont answers your question, but here we go! :)

    the staff is very experienced and know what they are doing. i like the staff here, i think that they are better here than at sca.

    we eat 5 times a day. breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and snack. and at 10 a clock we drink 2 nutritional drink. at the beginning you drink 1 and then you drink 2.

    we have groups everyday like. mindfulness, dicussion group, mi group, creative group. and so on.

    sca was different and i prefer capio then the staff is so much better here. !! at scä i have lpt, and they are the clinic who have lpt.

    good luck, i hope ypu enjoy my answers. :)