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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

The sun makes me happy :)

Well good day to everyone :)
It's Friday evening, where I am. Meaning it's the start of the weekend. Doesn't make too much of a difference to me :/ I'm still at Mando. Still eating. Still sitting. But sure, it's my own fault I'm here, so I can't start complaining. I got myself in this mess, and it's me who has to get myself out :)
Anyone have any weekend plans? Enjoying the sun, (if you have, that is?)

Tonight I'm going to the cinema :) in 3D!! I don't think the film will be that great, but I LOVE johnny Depp. So two hours and a half if him... I could do worse?

And I mean, if the film sucks, atleast I get away from Mando. My first proper time out. And one good thing, fortunately for me, I get to skip out and miss the worst night staff EVER!! of course they'll work some other night.... But I don't have to be here to argue with them tonight.
I'm coming back though, have to sleep here :/ bur sure... Maybe next weekend I get to sleep at home?

And I've resigned myself to thinking, two hours sitting in a sit is not a chore cus that's what I would do anyway.
So why not enjoy myself while sitting? And it's training.... So it's all a bonus. And I get to test myself, see if I can manage a cinema alternative. I'm gonna go for a bag of popcorn and a juice.
But if there's no 'bags' of popcorn. Then I might panic and get flustered?

so I've stopped worrying :) just looking forward to tonight :) see something else:)

Today has zoomed by :) and I've gotten to go out twice :) the sun was shining and it lifted my mood. Made me happy and made me smile :)

Lunch was good today, but felt sick afterwards, actually, I never thought id see the day where I would take extra.

I take salad for lunch and dinner
Take salt and pepper
Take tea or coffee with my snacks (even though it's not on my plan)

I mean... wow? when did that happen? And my belly seems to be able to keep it all in, of course, major bloating And looking pregnant.

Now it's time to sit.... And wait for dinne. And then my Friday evening should begin!!!

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