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Monday, May 9, 2011

Some people just aren't worth it

I thought I had friends.
People I could talk to. Rely on.

But I guess not.

There's absaloutly no one, and it's not my fault

I'm the one who wants friends.

Who tries to keep in contact. Tries to arrange days so we can meet.

I thought out of everyone, they'd be the ones there for me, apparently jbot.

And as if I didn't feel alone enough already, there's absaloutly no one.

No one in Sweden, no one in Ireland.

I'm Left alone.

No one to talk to when things are tough.

No one who phones me. No one who emails me.

No one asking me to go to town. To grab a coffee.

I'm not asking for a sympathy vote.

But it feels like I'm going through so much, Abd I'm just abandoned.

Left on my own.

Some days that's great, but others, I'd like a friend. Someone to talk to.

But I guess that's not possible?

No one can be bothered with me?

Is it cus I'm too sick? or cus you just don't like me?

I just wish that someone could be there.

It feels like my families abandoned me aswell.

But if I must, I'll do this alone.

It's there loss, If they want yo give up on me, forget me, fine... I'll get on with my life. and let them live there lives.

***** sorry for this post. I just felt I wanted to get all of this put of my system. And maybe someone can relate to Wgat I'm feeling/going through? :'(


  1. I'm sure you're friends and family love you to bits but they just have busy lives atm it's that time of the year. Just hang in there chick things will get better, you just gotta keep going :)

  2. You seem to be a really nice girl and I wouldn't hesitate a second to become your friend. I think everything will feel much better when you start to get more healthy!

    I don't have lot friends, I know many people, but there's no one who ever talks to me for example outside school. In school everyone talks to me and we have a good time, but after school it seems like I'm dead to them.. Really, I know how you feel!

    Big hugs!

  3. Oh, I´m sorry that you feel that way, I have not anorexia but somehow I want to have it, I have always feel worthless and that nowone cared. I havent almost eat at 2 days, and before that i have stopped to eat many time!People have always said that I was uggly fat etc. but now I also want to feel beutiful, Last week a friend told me that I have lost weight beacause then I had not eat for like a week, so I thougt Oh its work, I gonna be beutiful someday, so now I dont eat again... I hope you understand my bad english ^^
    Big hugs from Elin Sweden