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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Slowly but surely

So as i said, no one believes me that i want to get better....

But im gonna show them... i can get better. and i will.

Slowly but surely im gonna get rid of my exercise.

I mena... why do i do it? why do i constantly tense my muscles? get up and walk?

I claim im not scared of weight gain. but the thing is, when i think about me weighing 60+ i cant. it does feel scary. and i mean, there are still some things which i do, which is sick. so im definitely not healthy.

but why do i always move adn tense my muscles? its not like that helps with weight loss. and i claim i dont care about weight loss. so why dont i just stop with the activity?

Im gonna try... slowly but surely.

its so much easier said then done. 

But im gonna try. i mean.... whats the point?

Ugh.... im scared.

I actually have no idea what im rambling on about in this post..... my mind is so confused right now. Over tired?
   Basically... im still sick. not healthy. but im going to get better. slowly but surely get rid of my activity. and that im expecting the WORST.

Thats about what i was trying to write... if anyone even understood that? :D

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