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Thursday, May 5, 2011

One step ahead.

My plan - stay one step ahead.

I'm gonna eat right. 100%. There's been little tricks.
Rest. Sitting in the sofa, not ing up every 10 minutes.

None of this will be easy.

But it's what I need.

There's no point eating right if I can't sit still.

It's like being in a rehab - I have an activity priblem. of course, I've always known that. But now I'm admitting it, and I'm gonna do something about it.
I mean, I don't stand and move cus I want to burn calories.... I just don't know why I do it. I've gotten somewhere that sitting is bad.

But I mean, everyone sits. It's normal and healthy. And really, I'm gonna go up in weight whether I sit all day or go up every ten minutes.
Bug the problem is, if I stand every ten minutes, I'm just causing more problems for myself.

Abd I dont have the strength for that.

I've seriously had enough.

It won't be easy Snd I Doubt things will go well. But I'm gonna try.
I'm hoping tomorrow I can get some things to keep me occupied.

Some like puzzle books or something.

I'm dreading it. Dreading the sitting. I'm so scared that tomorrow will turn out like today. But at the sane time, I just want tomorrow to be over.
Cus if I can manage tomorrow, it means the next time will be easier.

this is a turning point. this is what I need. I'll get 100% healthy now. I'm totally ready for it.

Cus you know what, my eating's going well. Like no angst or panic:) haha, one good thing :)) but I got like chicken and rice, drenched in oil for dinner. I ate it. Didn't feel bad or guilty or anything.
And for lunch it was pasta with this lobster sauce, and the sauce is just cream.
And that went well aswell do it's something hood.
It makes me feel kinda good, that I'll he able to eat at home.

I just need to keep going. Keep strong

Things will go well, I just have to keep going.

I'm surprised how logically I'm thinking.
I've had a coffee - haha :) it helps me relax :)

Good night everyone. Please wish me luck for tomorrow and the weekend :)

I'm wishing everyone the best.
Even though most of you don't know me, could you keep me in your prayers? If you pray that is :D




  1. YAY for logical thinking! Kepp it up hun and you'll be outta there in not time :D

  2. This is a great new motivation! Hold onto it, don't let it slip away again! :) your determination really is amazing, you just continue to keep on going. You'll be out of this crap sometime :)

    And that's SO great about the eating. I'm so happy its going well for you now, no angst or panic- that's really great! Big step! :) Keep it up!

    My day has been absolutely terrible. My world is just totally falling apart. But no need to go into all that depressing stuff. Focus on the positive :)

    Good luck with the next few days, stay strong I know you can make it :) I don't pray, but I'll definitely be keeping you in my thoughts. Throughout my day I usually am thinking about you, wondering how your day went, wondering what your blog posts will say when I get home to read them. (Does that sound a little creepy? hopefully not.. :)) You're the one person I 'know' who actually understands what I'm going through, who I can tell everything I'm actually thinking to. Thanks for listening to my random rants and very long descriptions of my day. It helps keep me going, to be talking to you and hearing about your days. :) That went on a little longer than I intended..well, good luck! Never give up :)

  3. Of course I will keep you in my prayers! And I do wish you luck with all the power of my heart, because you deserve it! Now that you've finally realized what you need to do and why, everything will get better. Not overnight though, you know that, but the sooner you realize what you've got to do the sooner you'll get better! Keep on with this possitive energy and determination!
    Lots of love! <3 A.

  4. Of course I will keep pray for you, you really gonna need, your strong but everyone needs a pray sometime //elin sweeden