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Monday, May 9, 2011

On with the activity monitor :/

Monday is finally over - relief :)

Not to much to say about today.
Talked to my case manager, and she was actually happy with me :)
I've lowered my activity levels :) (the staff actually noticed? It felt like they didn't)
Not 100% but she's happy with me. She has however put the activity monitor on me. But that means that I like dint have to be followed everywhere.
But once they get the results, I'll like be put into a wheelchair, permanently.
But I'm hoping i wont be at Mando anyway.

The doctor here had the meeting with the other clinics today, but not sure what the plan is there :)

Just as I expected though, no visitors. maybe a visitor, or time out during the weekend :(
How will I last the week? That's just punishment. :(

It really does affect me. I hate not getting to see mum, even though all I did was argue when I was at home. But that's cus I was always near her, and I was lieing and cheating all the time.
But I suppose it's like they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder:)

My week is going to be pretty boring.:/ that sucks. The best I can hope for is a wheelchair visit up to the library on Thursday. Still not allowed to walk, too much. For now, as things went well during the weekend. I'm allowed normal activity like if I need to go get a glass of water, I can do that.
So I suppose my hard work paid off?
Also, I didn't get given out to about my little trip up to the newsagents. Which us nice. I don't need anymore telling off.

I also got to order my food this week:) yay. The choices aren't great. But atleast I know I've chosen something, OK.

Today also, I mentioned how it felt like the staff only
Noticed the bad. never the good.
But the like chief/ head person has spoken to them. And now they like notice and comment on the good :)
I'm surprised by how much difference it makes.

You were really relaxed when you rested.
You measured up the drink really well.
You ate in a good time

Etc etc

Usually I'm really bad to accept compliments. But infect, it really peps ne on when I'm told good things like that. Like they actually notice the good :)

So that's one nice change

That was my day... Pretty exciting huh? :)

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