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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My 'To Buy' list.

At the moment, I'm not eating too much chocolate. None infact.

But I will. soon.

But there's all these special chocolate editions out. which I really want yo try.

But I'm not planning to stuff myself with chocolate.
I'm going to eat a bar when I feel ready for it, when I know I can manage it. Soon, I know
I'll puck sometime when I'm feeling good and positive, so that. I won't get angst.
Cus chocolate will be a real challenge

But what I'm gonna do is, buy some of these special editions, the ones I want to try and I'll freeze them. Save them. So that when I can, I'll try eating them.

Yes, this sounds wrong and I'm sure, fucked up. But I want to try the chocolate, just not right now. And I'm not gonna stuff myself with it just cus I want to try some. That would being major angst.

My to buy list -

Marabou cookies and cream
Kex blueberry
Kex raspberry
Marabou strawberry cheesecake
Marabou blueberry dream (think it's called that?)
Marabou vintner vit (is that still out?)
White toblerone
Marabou Mango

Anyone tried them? What about any recommendations for me?

Is it wrong what I'm gonna do?


  1. The vinter vit wasn't good, the others I haven't tryed out. But if you do want to have some chocolate, then just try a tiny piece. Don't make such a big deal of it because in the end all these strong feelings about it will make it harder for no reason. If you're not sure, don't take more than a bite. Sooner it won't be a problem at all! :)

  2. Ohh, I tried 4 of those chocolates a while ago.
    I can really recomend them, especially blueberry dream and strawberry cheesecake... yuuum :P :) !
    Take care doll, and remeber that I can come and visit whenever you want to!