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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The snow is back... Huh?

frm summer, 20 degrees, to snow and 3 degrees. not fun.
  but i havent even been out yet, so its not like it affects me anything.

<---- not today. this was during winter :)

But today... im gonna wear jeans.

My first time in...God knows when.

I dont like jeans. i dont like the way they sit on my hips. the way you can see my stomach sticking out.
   i hate it. and i only have skinny jeans. so i dont like how they stick against the skin.
making my legs feel fat and chubby, not keeping the fat in.
 Not nice.

I would much prefer to wear trackies or leggings.

There was a time when i thought i looked really good in jeans, but that was when i was gettting sued to my weight. or when i weighed the least, and the trousers were baggy on me.

Lets see how it goes...


The jeans are.... baggy on me. Weird. i was expecting them t sit tight, like they did the last time i wore them.... heheh. thats a good thing.

In general... then jeans are comfortable :) I dont like how they dont cover my stomach. they sit just below, so my stomach is sticking out LOADS. but i dont have the energy to care. Yes, my belly is bloated. but it just so happens that i eat 6 HUGE meals a day.
   and i think, im the only one who cares if my belly looks big. no one else does. everyone else is busy destressing about their own bellys, or things much bigger and more important.

Maybe i'll wear jeans more often.... i dont know :)

^^not now. and not these jeans^^ 


Good day good day


  1. Firstly can i just say that when you said 'hehe that's a good thing' that's not you speaking, that's your anorexia. yes it feels comforting but since your in hospital you will need to gain the weight in order to be healthy agin. It's horrible to hear i know but your health is the most important thing :) On the other hand it's good that you're not worried about the bloating and realise that that's normal :) YAY! It will go down eventually it just takes patience. And yes there are more important things to worry baout and that will be easier to realise at home. Good luck keep going girl I'm proud of your progress :) *hugs*

  2. Du borde kasta alla jeans som du egentligen inte borde kunna ha. Man mår bara dåligt av att känna när de blir tajtare, för de måste de ju trots allt bli. Det vet du ju <3

  3. Whoa, that was strange.. while walking home from school, I was thinking a lot about jeans. And then I get home, come to my computer, and you have a post about jeans. What a coincidence.

    Anyways.. I always wear jeans, i love them. Whenever I'm around the house I'm wearing leggings, they're so comfortable, but I would never have the confidence to wear them outside anywhere (except with, like, a skirt or something). But as I was going home I was thinking.. I need new jeans. These are too big for me. And then I realized how totally messed up that was. You do not get new clothes because your old ones get too big. Well, you don't if you're normal at least. But anyways, yeah my jeans are really big on me. And that was part my fault, I accidentally got a size too big when we went shopping in August. But now they're even bigger.. :/ and I won't be able to get any new ones because of money and stuff, anyways its getting pretty warm, time for shorts (afraid to wear them..) and skirts (LOVE skirts). Ummm.. just realized that I wrote a whole paragraph about my pants. And pants of the season. And what type of pants I like. That's a little weird.. ;D oh well. haha

    Congrats on the success with jeans :)