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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ice cream is nice :)

When you choose to eat ice cream over your regular snack, then I think you can say your on your way to healthy!!!

So today I was full packed with meetings :) (I didn't mind that. Getting some away rime from Mando :) )
First the CF clinic ( Cystic Fibrosis. For you who don't know. It's a chronic illness which I also have. Was born with and can't get rid of. So I have two illnesses.
CF affects my lungs and also my stomach. I go to like a control/meeting about once a month to make sure everything is going well. You can read more (if you want) here. But it's not so important.)
  And everything is going well there. So that's a HUGE relief.
And also - No one was around. So I hopped onto the weighing scale. With shoes and clothes on.
The number didn't bother me.
I know I've been heavier before. And the thing is - I don't feel small. But I Dont feel huge either. and I'm just thinking - well, it just means I'm getting closer to my goalweight, which means I can stop gaining weight.

And then we had an hour to pass until we had to go for the meeting with SCÄ and a half hour till my snack.

I had packed with me a snack which I had beentold I had to eat, but I decided no. I don't want my snack. I want an ice cream. it's sunny weather and it's more normal to eat an ice cream then a risifrutti (and more)
So we went to a little cafe and sat in the sun.

First I wasn't so sure what to choose, and whether I should take scoop ice cream or just a regular?
But I decided to take a hazel nut Cornetto Enigma. I took the raspberry one the last time.

It wasn't as nice :) but still yummy!!
I've still got to try the chocolate Enigma :)

And once again, I had no afterthought about eating it :)

:) getting better? yes. I think so

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