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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I still care what others think of me

Like even though things are going a bit better, I realise, I sril care what others think of me.

I mean, if I'm out eating an ice cream, or cake or something, what wil people think of me?
Will they think I eat alot?
Do they think I look fat?

And it's like, I still don't want people to think I'm healthy. Getting better

Like if I'm eating, it's like I'm healthy there's still a part if me which doesn't want to be better. still wants the comfort of being sick, even though, there's nothing comfortable about having anorexia.

So it's hard.... It'd hard to stop caring about what others think of me.

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  1. Ok this might sound hard, but it's true. In today's society, no one really cares about others. And if you eat an ice cream no one will even notice, not only because people don't care, but because it's actually not even a big deal for anyone to pay attention at. It's only in your head. I don't walk around spotting people eating cakes or ice creams. If someone wants to eat something, it's none of my business. And also, stop paying so much attention to what others think about you. Stick to what you want to think about yourself. Others only see you the way you want them to do. If you want them to see a sick girl, that's what they do. If you on the other hand want them to see a strong, independent and happy girl, that's the image you give them. So don't bother worrying what others think about you. In the end, the only thing that matters is what you think about yourself. <3