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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I like breakfast!

It's my favourite meal :)

I like it alot.

It's also when my belly has been empty for the longest :)

I love my porridge:) the kitchen tok on my advice and instead if the porridge being a gloopy horrible grool, it's now sticky and salty... Yummy!
I do kinda wish I could have alpro soya milk instead of regular milk

(I've never been a fan of cows milk. But I've never been a fan of meat either. And now at Mando I have to eat meat and drink cows milk :/)

:) I look forward to breakfast (well most days... Not always)

Can't wait to be able to go home though and make the porridge myself, and be able to toast bread... And eat caviar... And drink vanilla tea :) little pleasures :)

^^Caviar^^ - for the non - swedes :)


  1. Haha, I'm the total opposite about breakfast :D I've never liked breakfast. Never ate it even when I was healthy. Some breakfast foods are okay, like cereal, toast, porridge, fruits, tea of course :) I can't stand things like bacon, eggs, sausage, all that stuff though. And I've never been able to drink milk in the mornings, it makes my stomach hurt, but its really good later in the day.

    I've never had vanilla tea, it sounds really good, I want to try it! Usually I have like herbal teas and stuff, my favorite is berry, I also love lemon, and there's this really good red tea but i'm not really sure what its made of :D I also really like earl grey tea.. but I'm not allowed to drink it as it's caffeinated... haha I get a little crazy on caffeine... :)

    I've never had caviar either, it's super expensive here. Not many people eat it, unless they have LOTS of money :) It sounds kinda scary though, eating fish eggs? But maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, It's great that you're getting to switch to the SCA, maybe it will be better for you there. From what you've said about it, that sounds nice, like you'll get to see your family a lot at least? But I'm sure its nice to leave Mando after such a long time there with things still not working out. Maybe this new place will finally have what you need to get fully better :)

    Things are not going well at all for me right now.. SO much work its crazy. Huge huge end of the year projects, and really huge tests coming up the next few weeks. Eating is not going so well right now, I have massive anxiety whenever I eat anything. Like today I was feeling super low energy and was having a hard time focusing in class and stuff, and when i had to stand up for stuff I got kinda dizzy and everything. So I told myself I would have at least a little bit of my granola bar for lunch that day. But then when the lunch period started I was just so anxious about eating that I didn't end up doing it, which was ridiculous because i was in an entire room full of people eating like Oreo cookies and stuff (we were having a party for astronomy club :D). And I was anxious that they would see me eat like a fourth of a granola bar. :/ And that plus just the anxiety about eating in general, not even related to the other people around me. It's really hard, like either I eat and have huge anxiety and have hard times focusing on things, or I don't eat and have low energy and can't focus. Such a problem. I wish it could just GO AWAY. But of course it's not that simple. And if the friend who knew about my problem earlier in the year hadn't totally backstabbed me (you probably don't remember but I think I told you, she had been my best friend and knew everything, helped me though it and stuff, and then called me a b**** behind my back), I would maybe ask her for help. Like she understood that I couldn't tell other people, and helped me herself. But I'm totally ignoring her now, never going to forgive her for what she did, so that's out of the question.

    Well, enough of my problems haha that was really long. I hope tomorrow goes well for you :) And I'm so happy for you that you get to try another center, hopefully that will work out well!

  2. Back before when I wasn't in recovery, breakfast was the first thing I stopped eating. And thenwhile I was at home (during treatment, but things didn't work at home) I always wanted to eat breakfast... But never did.
    And it was the hardest to eat here at first.

    When I wad healthy I used yo eat cereal and milk, I think. I'm not to sure, I never really thought about what I ate.
    No... Don't like eggs or bacon or any of that. Its ok for like an 11ambrunch.... (if I haven't had breakfast) but I'm more - fruit salad/toast/oatmeal/ cereal typa person....
    Never been a fan of milk... And rarely drink it now. But I do like soya milk :) but couldn't drinkna glass of ir.

    Vanilla tea is the best :) and so is chai!! I love alot o tea ... There's this really good forest fruit one too :)

    The caviar isn't the expensive black caviar... I font know what type it is!! But it's really good... On toast and that. Many sweds like it... But it's a 'love it. Hate it.' food :)

    Yeah I'm hoping SCÄ will work for me... Don't have much of a choice really.

    Yeah I remember you saying that. :/
    I wish I could help you in some way. :( help you recover. Take away all the anxiety. :/ have you considered treatment? (I think I've asked before)
    Or even going to a doctor, to fet checked out. I mean, you could be at risk of just collapsing? And I'd hate knowing that that could happen to you... Even though I don't even know you. :/

    Thank you for reading my blog and commenting and being so supportive :)