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Saturday, May 14, 2011

EurovisiOn 2011

As it's the Eurovision, were allowed to stay up!! Yay!! It feels do strange:)

I'm so proud of my 2 countries:)

Sweden and Ireland:)

They're both in the top 5!!!
Got to say, I'm embarrassed by Ireland's act- but if they win - Hey. I can say I'm Irish :) and itd be cool if Ireland were to host Eurovision next year.

But I'm hoping Sweden win instead:)
Eric is such a cutie <3

And I've thought he's had a chance from the start:)

Ahhhh... Excited:) can't wait for the results:)

COME ON SWEDEN!!! (Ireland too!!)

For you other guts watching the Eurovision, what do you think?

I'm also voting for Denmark and Ukraine:)

** I'm still feeling kinda sad though. Lying in my bed on my own. Wishing I had been allowed home. Sitting with my mum, sister and dog.
Kinda feel like crying, but I can't.

But in 4 minutes time, it's Sunday.

And then it'll be Monday, and a new week with new chances:)

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  1. oh no the only one you weren't voting for won! :-(