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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dag 19 – My favourite film.

Theres too many :)

i can say im a bit of a movie addict.... right now, im not watching to many films. dont have hte concentration for it... but i do like films... when i can concentrate :) sit and relax :)

heres just a list of some of my fvaourite films :)

  • Wildchild
  • Eternal sunshine of the spotlesss mind
  • Shutter island
  • Whats eating gilbert grape
  • Salt
  • titanic
  • edward scissorhands
  • forest gump
  • memoirs of a geisha
And more...imjsut so bad at remberin films :)

anyone recommend anyfilms ?

im thinking to try to et time to watch 'Water for Elephants'..... it should be good :)


  1. moulin rouge! It's my favourite film ever! And stardust is good too :)

    i love your film choices. Water for elephants looks amazing i can't wait to see it :D

  2. Love moulin rouge too :)
    Stardust was quite good too:) but might be a hood one to watch over :)

    Hopefully it's good :)

  3. i wish i knew you in real life...we have the same taste in movies... plus i can always really relate to your blog,i think we would definitely be friends!

  4. I love Titanic too, its such a good movie :) forrest gump is also really good, we actually watched it in history class a few days ago after testing was over haha :)

    One of my all-time favorite movies is The Secret of Kells, it is SOO good. One of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen, it made me cry. Another favorite is The Lakehouse (bit of a chick flick ;D), I just can't resist the movies people in love separated by time haha.

    And this is kinda weird but I think my favorite move EVER is Mama Mia. It's so fun and just crazy and carefree, I listen to the soundtrack so often :) you should DEFINITELY watch this, especially if you're feeling down, it will cheer you up :)

    Other than Titanic and Forest Gump I don't think I've seen the other films on your list.. i'll have to watch them sometime :D

    (and just saying, this is very random and you'll probabally think this is weird but I think its really cool that you spell the word favourite with an 'our' instead of how I spell it, favorite with an 'or'. haha. very random. i just love the british spellings of words, they're so much better than our american spellings and they make more sense :) )

  5. hahah.. thats how i feel with some other peoples blogs... like i can relate to them... it feels nice :)
    knowing someone understands, someone is the same as me.

  6. hahah. .. yeah... thas like colour.. and color. :)

    ive watched Mamma Mia before, it was on telly the last day aswell actually... it was ok. im not big into the musicals.. but i do admit, its a 'feel good' film :)

    never heard of the secret of kells... i might try to watch that :)

    lucky... watching fims in schoool :) haha Doss :)