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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

But i thought i was sitting?

My activity's too high.

Whats new?

No, but my case manager saw the results of my activity monitor and they were not good. i havent seen the results myself... but they were apparently sky high. as usual... I think i know what the results looked like.

But i really am trying to sit. and i have been.

ive been sitting for 45 minutes intervals :) hahah... no, but thats progress.

so tomorrow till sunday ill have an activity monitor on me.... damn.damn.damn.

well, im just going to keep doing what i do.... and whatever.

things will go as they go.... now im just hoping SCA ring mum and i get the hell out of here.

I cant stand anymore of Mando. i mean, im not even supposed to be here. cant i just be home then? why do i have to sit here, depressed.... (ok, no im not. im actually quite happy...)
Im hoping tomorrow for my 3 snack i go out and fika (cake and coffee/juice)... my case manager doesnt believe i can go for cake, she wants to see me do it atleast once, before she lets me go and eat cake with like mum.
   In all honesty... its been ages since ive gone for a fika.... and the last times i have... ive taken a little like 100cal biscuit or like a littlecherry tart.. not a proper fika.
   and now i want to. i want to take a carrot cake/buleberry pie... maybe even a muffin?

Im just looking forward to it... so its either tomorow or on Thursday.... or next week?

Otherwise my days been quiet, theres been a 'sofachat' here... when the staff and us patiants bring up different things.. like fi we want to bring up any changes and so forth. it wasnt anything special.... just the normal.
   we have to sit, no running about.... things like that.

This week is just gonna be spent here aat Mando.. nothing exciting happening. :( Hopin for time at home, on Sundays its mothers day... so i want to sleep at home, spend atleast some of the day wth mum...

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