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Friday, May 13, 2011

And then it was Friday... how will i survive the weekend?

Can you believe its already the weekend?

It feels like years ago that it was Monday. :(
I dont know how i'll survive the weekend.
I havent spoken to my case manager yet, so still not sure the plan. I do want to go home, so im hoping. but i know iwont get t go home. :(

My day so far....

Well  i went to the dietitian this moring.


^^^Thats how i feel.

The dietitian wouldnt listen ot me. she wouldnt take on board what i was saying. what i wanted.
And my case manager didnt listen to me either. basically, im not that satisfied with my changes. 
I wasnt part of making the decisions. :(
Basically, all they want me t  do is eat bread.
I already eat bread, 3-4 times a day. with butter.
Thats not normal. im tired of bread. i dont want to eat it everyday.
but i have to
Bread is like on nearly every one of my alternatvies, so i have to take it everyday.
And then when i said, No. i want a crisp bread instead of soft bread, they were like 
but you never eat bread


Cant wait to be able to eat wwhat i want. 

Then for lunch, i basically followed my Mando curve... but yet. it wasnt good enough.

Nothing is ever good enough.

And thats about my day.

The best i can hope for is a visit from my mum.
I think my mums coming today.... not to sure.

I dont know how ill survive the weekend. i think im gonna be one of the only ones here. everyone else gets time out. or is staying at home.

Great. im gonna sit here alone.

not one bit fun.

Weekends suck.

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