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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 weeks assessment.

I've written about this before, and the people from Mando will know what I'm on about.

Today I did this six weeks assessment. I got these papers to fill in. One is to assess my
Mental health and one is where I fill in what I've eaten for the past 24 hours. That's basically just writing in my meal plan.

And then tonight for dinner I'll eat wii base - (you can find out what wii base is here.)
Not sure how that will go. I did really well eating wii base before - but not so sure now.

Until further notice - I have the wheelchair out. :(
And nobody seems to have noticed that ive decreased my activity - it's still not good enough. :/
And then.., the sun is gone. :( it's just horrible rain.

^^^ my little facts/updates - not important, but whatever! - hey. It's my blog :) you don't have to read it :)

On the upside :)

Lunch was nice :) pasta with this seafood chowder sauce (never had that here before) but I love sea food - so it was yummi!!
Ive finished my Swedish assignment. Sent it away. So don't need to stress over that :)

So that's that. I'll be celebrating my yet another 4 week inpatient anniversary, sitting by the computer.

Any good film/music tips? (I know I've asked.) or any good sites? :) or any good blogs, actually!!

Much appreciated :D

Thanx everyone for reading and commenting :)
Hope you've all had a good day



  1. Just read your post explaining everything :) I'm at home but I love how similar times our meal plan is! For me breakfast is 8, snack 11, lunch 1, snack 4, dinner 6, snack 8! In the morning we're just like one hour out :) I hope it goes well eating wii base, it sounds really interesting - do you find the mando meter helpful?

  2. The times are pretty good - I mean. The snack before
    Lunch can be a bit tight fitted. And when
    I'm at home. Dinner and night snack vary times. But just by a half or something :)

    Yeah the Mando meter is really helpful... But then again it sucks, cus I know that I'm eating 140g carbs, 105g
    Protein.... And that means I can calculate how Many calories I eat. Which is a kind of relief, but at the same time it sucks.
    At the other clinics, it'll be mum plating up my lunch and dinner, which will be hard. Not knowing how much I eat, how many calories.

    I'm quite good at eating wii base. I've had the Mando meter for so long now....

    But some days I wish I could just take less, as 350g us really quite filling.

  3. It's great that lunch went well :) Hope the wii base went well too. I like rain a lot, it actually rained here today but not very much in my town. Apparently it was pouring in the towns next to us though. I find rain really relaxing, and its fun to walk through (with an umbrella of course :D), it makes such a nice sound. And this might be kinda weird, but rain smells really good to me haha :)

    I feel like there's some good films i've seen recently but I can't remember at all what they were... hmm. Well, music, I mostly listen to classical :) But I also love The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra.. oldies :) And I love Superchick, I've been listening to them a ton lately.

    Today was.. interesting. Really up and down. So my parents were pretty much gone from really early in the morning to around 8 at night. So I was on my own to walk to school and walk home, make myself dinner and stuff... :o. So I pretty much ended up eating barely anything today. I had a tiny bit of stuff for dinner just because I knew I should eat something at least. And then I went for a really long run like 4 miles. :/ So on one hand I was really happy that I got to not eat much. But then on the other hand I was really not happy at all that I didn't eat. It's so confusing. And half of me is like, I'm hungry I want food it sounds so good. But then the other half is like... no no no no no. So I let that side win. And I have SOO much work it's crazy. Huge report due Friday and I still have a ton of work left, plus I have a billion huge projects and tests the next few weeks. NOT FUN. But school's almost over, I just have to get through these impossibly hard 3 weeks. And then... Austria! :) I hope I'm able to enjoy the trip fully and everything... :/

    Hope tomorrow is good :) Time for me to finish work and go to bed.