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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My weekend

Dont you all just want to know about it? Haha, guess not!
  So..... Thursday, got my haaircut, was a disaster, friday, got my hair coloured, liked my hair more.
  Then on saturday.... let me see... i have a memory of a goldfish!
On saturday it was the dentist. Knew things wouldnt go well. Its been years since i've gone,and i've thrown up, which mean LOTS of acid erosion.
  So i haev a hole in one of my teeth and htre others need to be plastered so that the holes dont get bigger. My life jsut gets better doesnt it? I had a bit of a melt down, started crying saying that i never got away from the hospital that my life jsut revolves around hte hospital and in all honesty it does and always will with my CF.
   Then we went to "fika" i took a chocolate biscuiv and i wanted a chia tea, but instead got milk flavoured with Chai, i panicked cus that wasnt what i ordered had a break down and didnt drink the tea. Heh, my mum wasnt impressed but i couldnt help it.

Then my mum and sister looked in soem shops and i was dragged along, buti felt EXTREMLY sick, no idea why. So i jsut listened to seom music while trying not to puke. Sorry, to much information.
Then me and my mum went to our beloved swedish Ikea!! Yes, and had lunch there. But i didnt have my Mando meter. Hmm.... did NOT like. I dont feel comfortable eating with out it.Its a comfort, i know that i eat exactly what imsupposed to, no more no less. Well... i'd love less! :
I took this honey fried fish with a risotti type vegatable thing!! :) It was alright. BUt i felt sick afterwards, again. I think it was becaue i didnt know how much i had eaten.Most probably more. Like before i sad thati would do anything to eat wihtout the Mando Meter, but now... not really. Ilike knowing that im not eating ore than i should.
Then mum looked at soem beds!! :) I wandered about, then we payed for some hangers, napkins, just small thignsw hich you always end up buying but dont really need. Theres something abotu Ikea that always makes you leave there with your purse hallf empty!! :)
 Then it was food shopping! :)
Then.... well then it was home time. So i cooked dinner...... which was something but as i have such bad memory i cant remember what it was!
Sunday, today. Me and my sister were going to go on this Harry Potter wandering in Gamla Stan!! (I love Harry Potter!! Hehe... im not ashamed!) We sat there for about 10 minutes and then realised that we thought we had gone wrong, so walked off to another place, where it could have been. But by then we would ahev been later anyway.
 So then we went to town, went to Espresso house, my sister bought a Chai Latte (Yum!Yum!Yum!!) and a Biscotti adn i ate my yoghurt with musli. :( I miss Tall cups of latte! :)
Then we went to a toy shop, trying to find a toy for our brother who turned 7 a couple of weeks back, but we were to lazy,scratch that, to busy to get him anything!1 Heehee!
Then after a failed attempt at finding him something we took teh train back.
As i was so bored i decided to bake something, Cinnamon buns!! Haha, that was a very faled attempt at it!! It makes me laugh how bad i am at baking. Why do i even bake? Im crap at it and i dont even want ot eat the finished outcome and most of hte time i take less than what your supposed to. So WTF?
I cooked dinner for my mum, my sister and myself. Prawns with coconut milk and curry (My own invention - Ok, not really. But i didnt have a recipe) and rice!! It turned out VERY nice, if i say so myself! My mum and ister where like, this is really good, what did you do.... My secret... no oil when you fry the prawns.... works a charm!! Hehe... not really!! :)

Now.... well now i ave nothing to do apart from update you guys about my weekend!!
And that i have done, so now its facebook time! :)


^^^Me horse riding, a while back! ^^^

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