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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lets get a move on!!

Today was also a slow start, didnt have anythign planned and hadnt really thought about what i would do, so when mum said that she was going berry picking in hte forest and my sister was going to study back at our friends house, wher she is staying i was kind of stumped for what to do.
   I decided to haev lunch first, before i planned anything.. not that i exactly wanted to. But then i decided that i´d haeva  wonder around town for a couple of hours, it was better than staying indoors all day.
  So i headed into town, and i had been there for about 45 minutes when my sister rang and said that she was bored and wondered if i could come over. Glöady i said,d iwasnt having much fun in town. But i got a raspberry smoothis before i left town for my snack as i didnt knbow if wher my sister is staying thy would ahev the right stuff for my snack. i had it at about 2.15, so i felt absaloutly sick, its so hard ot eat ebfore the time im supposed to.
  Then when i got to my sisters she was stil lwriting some esays for her homework, so i jsut kind of hung around.
  Then when she was done, we took some photos, which i will upload later!! :)
  Then my mum came back form blueberry pickjing, with about ten blueberries bp0icked, she had gone iwth ehr sister but apparently she wawnswt so much into the bluebrry picking she more wanted to walk, so thay had walked 6km, in stead. Wow!!
  We were asked ot stay for dinner by my mums friend, the woman my sister is staying wiht, but i didnt have my mando meter with me, and i dont fel comfortable eating wihthout it, weird.'
  We were gonna take the train back, but my mum wanted to walk, so we did. But it jsut so happened that she wasnt fuölly sure of the way back, so we got lost before we found our way back. So was VERY tired when i got back.
  Then for dinner my mums friend, lets call her, clare had decided to cook lasagne. Uh, oh! I was just im not eating that, and decided to do pitti panna, which is like potatoes and meat which has been cut into small cubes. But mum was like, "arent you jsut supposed ot eat what is  being cooked instead of doing your own thing if you dont liek the food?" I got really cross at her, i couldnt eat lasagne, i wasnt reayd for it. WSo i plated up the pitti panna ready to put in the microwave when i saw that Clare didnt really put that much cheese on top of hte lasagne, the thingw hich i seemed to be scared of. And she had used these lasagne sheets instead of hte cheese ones and it was quorn, instead of mince and there was vegetables mixed in it, so it weas a health yoption. After ALOT of though, too much really i decided ot haev the lasagne instead.
  Just after eating it, and i feel VERY sick, I haeva  stomahc ache. And its not fading. :(

I dont want to go into the hospital tomorrow,  i feel like tomorrow is goingt o be an annoying day. Just, overall. Like immgonna look at my school plan, plan out how we´re gonna do things, maybe get a new option for my school snack. If i even eat it there, i might not. But then also.. i have to tell my supervisor that i didijnt have any scandishakes this weekend, not looking forward to that. :( She´s not going to be impresed and then also, i think i have my second scandishake at three o clock because she wouldnt listen to me when i said that i didnt want to change it. :( Ugh.. i ahte her, i really do.
   So i thinkt hat tomorroiw will be a shitty day.

Thats it for now!!

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