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Monday, September 27, 2010

Its already that time?

School started at 9.30am this morning, what a relief!
  But ended up getting up at 7am instead of 8 as my sister was up ebfore me and woke me. But its a good thing, cus i had a clothes melt down. Cus i couldnt find anythign to wear and i swear.... i changed five tiems before i realised i was late and had to go.
    Mum said shed take me shopping after Mando, yes, thats what i want but i know that i wont find anything.. or i will but it will look awful on me.
  Anyway i tok teh tran, but it seemed to be veyr slow or it might eb the fact that i was late and ti doesnt help things when you miss the tram either. That jsut pissed me off and i ahd 8 minutes to wait.... not the best wehn you have like ten minutes to get to school.
  Anyway i got ot school just in time for assembly.
Then it was kind of confusing becayuse we were told we had break by one teacher and told tha twe didnt by another. So we jsut went to class and then the teacher realsied an hour later that we were right, we did have a break at 10am.
  So she gave us a fifteen minute one. But it was only our group that had the rbeak, and hte cafe was clsoed so i didnt know what to do abotu me eating my snack. Like i had been panicking all yesterday not knowinog what i would do.
  So... i went upstairs, to where our class was, put on music and sat there and ate my bar. It was veyr sad. But i didnt liek want to be seena dn i knew that i had to eat. Anyway, i stoood there with my bar.
 Then when we got our break, 12pm, i headed for hte tram, ahd to sprint for it. But i got there. I got to Mando for 1pm, great. :(
  I was weighed and then i ahd lunch. and now, quater to three, its snack time. I feel absaloutly sick. Dont want to eat again.

Urrgghhh.. i hate thie feeling.

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