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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Down not up.

So iwas weighed this morning, God damn it. I was weighed on Monday, why be weighed again? BUt anyway,, my weight is down.
So now we´re planning that i´ll come to Mando for a whole day twice a week. On Mondays adn Wednesdays. Then go to school on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in hte morning and come to Mando in the afternoon. and i take the Calshake when i come to Mando.
Because, ok i did take the Calshake, on seom nights, but when i poured the Calshake out, it wasnt the first time ia hd doen it. BUt i havent been completly dishonest i did take it, or take 3/4 of it anyway. So i tried, but tis jsut so much harder ta home.
So thats my plans to get my weight up.
Tomrrow is my school photo, so i think i´ll go to school in hte morning until 10am, then maybe me and mum go Fiak, as i ahevt o do that this week, and then i´ll come back for 12pm, and go ot the school photo, and then √≠ll go home and haev lunch, or take it out. Taking it out might eb nice. And i dont have to come to Manod at all. and then on Friday i come to Mando for the whole day.
Right now im feeling incredibly sick... just after having my ten snack, and the whole Scandishake.. ugghhh... incredible headache, jsut afte taking a painkiller, hoping that this feelign will fade. ad also i ahve to have lunch early. :( The joys of eating.
Then its school. :/ Like in my previous post i said it would be good to take the Scandishake here at Mando and that it was easier here, but im jsut feeling uggghhh..... from all teh food.
God i fel sick. Its awful.
I gave my mum a call and explained about my weight loss, and seh seemed ok, of course hse wasnt happy but i think she knew perfectly well that taking the Scandishake at home jstu didnt work out and it hink it will be easier on ehr knowing that im actualyl getting it into me and hse doesnt have to worry or be the bitch parent.
Thats about it...

till laters me guys!


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