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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 good things a day

Ok so today i went to this forum/meeting thing down at the hotel.
  They´ve started up these meeting where us patients will discuss things like, the impact with media, self esteem, confidence, how we look upon ourselves. Topics like thaty. So today it was self esteem.
  Do i really have self esteem issues? Nah.. i didnt think i did, but nowi  kind think i do.
  So we talked about how like... this could haev hapopened maybe ebcause we wanted attention? Or because we wanted to be good... we didnt feel we were good at anything, thats definitely howi  feel now.
  But someting triggered inside me while i sat there, and i thought.. or remembered how back when i did a test and say i got 90% and thats really good for always being out sick with CF, and i´d show my mum and she´s smile adn eb like.. thats good, but you could have got 100%, sometimes she meant it, soemtimes she just said it encouringly, like next time you´ll get it. (Im portraing my mum as some evil bitch, but she really sint) But i´d take it  so personally, i´d cry and tell ehr that she never realises when i do good, its always to be better, not good enough. And that could bother me for ages, adn then when it came to my enxt test i´d be soo worried wondering if i´d do abdly and it got to sometimes i didnt ttell my mum unless i got 100%, always having to be the best.
   But liek my sister, if mum said to ehr she could have done better, she was jsut like, i did my ebst, thats all ican do. Unlike me.
  And i find even know.. nobody notices when i do well.. its always be better.
  So yeahl.... and then what we have to do for this week is write three good things about ourselves each day, or atleast three. Im just like WAAT? No way. I got nothing nice about myself ot write. bUt trust me, i could fill ten A4 pages about the crappy and abd thigns about me... easy.. but good thigns... thats a bit more tricky.
  Im not sos ure if id do it or not.

Apart from taht.. jsut a normal day. My supervisor doesnt haev much ytime for me as she has a new patient, but thats all good, i dont mind!! :)
 Tomorrow is the CF clinic though...uggghh.. leave me alone. :( I hate it.

Thats it...



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