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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My days.

Ok, as im in hospital, my days go like this....

bedrest for an hour
Small break
bedrest for half an hour,
small break
bedrest (an hour),
small break
bedrest (half an hour),
maybe an hour or an hour and a half before i eat again.
bedrest (an hour),
Maybe 2 hours or something before i eat again.
bedrest (half hour)
 Yah, it's very, tiring and jam packed. I have like no time to myself. Because hte small breaks before i have to eat again are literally 30 mins to 45 mins. Like the max i go without eating is 2 hours? Thats friggin weird, like i suppose if i count the night, its 11 hours, but i once went 19 hours with out eating... and now.... well... i feel sick just thinking about it. :(

Emmm, for the main meals i have 45 minutes to eat. Because they know that if they have to make me eat it all... they'd be there all day. and then half an hour for the snacks.
  In hte first few weeks, i tried my best, but then, i suppose i realised that i didnt have to eat everything, like once the 45 minutes were up, that's it like. So then i suppose i stoped eating everything, stopped trying.
  Then in the next weeks, i realised that, the nurses cant actually force me to eat. Like there's a nurse with me for every meal (some are nice some arent, but i'll get into that later!! - i have some good stories!!-) and they sit there and say things like, "Go on, you're doing well. Or, You're not finished yet, eat that potato" and stuff like that, at first i listened to them and thought that when they told e to eat that chip or take another bite, tat  had to do it, but infact i dont. I can jsut sit there and tune them out. Which is in fact what i then started to do.

Like, ok my life is pretty shitty. But that still doesnt get me motivated to eat, i still want to lose weight. I'm just hoping that they're like, ok wel you don want help - because infact i dont. I dont think i'm anorexic, sure i watch my weight, but im not hte only one.- and we cant do anythign or you, and just let me out. I have feeling that that isnt going to happen though, but still... each week i hope that i've lost weight. Sure sometimes during hte week, im just like, fine, I dont care, if i gain weight, WTF? but thats just when i've had it tough, but at each weighing - once a week, when i've just gotten up and gone to the bathroom, in my nickers and bra [ thats your true weight, they told me] -

Ok, i forgot what i was writing about!

While i've been in hospital, i dont think i;ve ever cried as much! It's unbelieveable!! For a while, my eyes were like red and puffy, or so i think they were, there arent actually any mirrors in hte hospital. Only one, in the office, which you had to go and ask for, but someone else always had it, and then you had to go and try to track it down, so it was pretty useless. So i just had to make do with a small little mirror which i had with me.
  With my jam packed days, i hardly had any time to myself, because with the breaks which i did have, they would jsut fly by and then when i did get the hour or something before dinner, if i had visitors that would take up the time. So i didnt necessarily always have time for a shower, which did kinda gross me out, i did get to have a shower atleast every second day though, im not like unclean or anything. But anyway, my hair seemed to turn greasy quite quickly, no sure why, i've never had greasy hair. But some nurses, the mean ones, they would be like, "Have you had a shower?" I would nod or be like yes im having one tonight, or they would ask if i've washed my hair, im like thanx. I feel like shit already, no need to comment about my greasy hair. Like, well, done on boosting my self esteem!! :)
 I dont know.....

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